Two of the funny, creepy, wonderful characters developed by Komodo Kids

Stunning graphics

Rich in detail, vibrant in color.



Amazing heroes

Fun cartoons with adorable characters sure to delight!



Spicy adventures

  • Dance to Hop-n-Stop
  • Draw with Doodle Time
  • Spell with Captain Oh Yeah



Komodo Kids World

Our Beliefs


Children are a treasure that is easily squandered.

Joy can remain a lifetime.


Children should not be miniature adults. A child’s energy, vitality, sense of discovery, and general goofiness should be valued and encouraged.


There exists a child in each of us that needs
to be entertained to thrive



Our Purpose

To positively influence generations of children

by creating and distributing fun, wholesome,
entertaining, and timeless music and animated


Parents teach us that we become like our friends.


In film, TV, video, and print, Komodo Kids promises
to maintain its high standards in each and every product
to provide your children with "friends" you can trust.


Komodo Kids is committed to providing fun, wholesome, quality entertainment for children of all ages.


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